Streamlined investigations: ultra fast results

In-Situ Documentation

  • Take micro-photographic images of your particulate matter

  • Use the video microscope and the

  • inverted microsope

Isolation and Filtration

  • Handle and manipulate small particles

  • Use the filtr.AID device to collect visible and subvisible particles

  • Prepare samples for PLM, Raman, LIBS as well as ATR and FTIR

Spectroscopy: Raman and LIBS

  • Scan your filtered sample and size and count the particles

  • Learn about the principle and operations of Raman and LIBS

  • Identify your personal sample by means of Raman and LIBS

Polarized Light Microscopy

  • See how good PLM works on fibers and what experience you need to operate the tool

  • Learn the principle operation of a PLM

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