Results and Services

At rap.ID we support you in all stages of the inspection life-cycle. From the building and populating of the defect library to the thorough root cause investigation.

rap.ID supports and develops your Inspection Life-cycle Life-cycle  and particulate matter testing methods:

  • Primary Packaging component specification and development of testing and inspection methods

  • Glass container washing studies using membrane filtration

  • Stopper / Elastomer washing reduction studies 

  • Raw material, API and exhipient specification

  • Particle Characterization for trending of inspection results

  • Visual inspection characterization operator training

  • Investigation on exceeded limits

  • Root cause / Particle source elimination

  • Structured and streamlined approach to building reference material libraries to match micro spectroscopic evidence with previously recorded library entries

  • Establishment and Update of defect library

Examples of particulate defect library entries: 

Methodology includes:
  • Membrane filtration microscopic particle counting for visible particles

  • Visual Inspection

  • in situ microphotography

  • ISO 8871 and ISO 16232 cleanliness investigations


  • FT/IR

  • Raman

  • LIBS

Hair like type

Reject # 678, C: light fiber, S: > 3mm P: bottom B: fast sinking

Raman: Protein Rank 945, ATR: Keratin Rank 910, Possible Source: Hair, Category: EXT

Rubber like type

Reject# 131 C: red compact, S: 632 µm; P: floating; B: sinking;
Raman: Silicone; ATR: Silicone; LIBS: Na, Si, Fe ; WDX: Fe, O, C, Si 

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